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RED. offers expertise in legal psychology for academics, court and criminal investigations.

About us

RED. Forensic Consultancy is specialized in research, expert-witness testimony, detective consultancy and training in the field of investigative interviewing and (forensic) behavioral analysis.

The goal of RED. is the realization of a fair justice system, and thus a safe society and working environment, for all. Where criminal investigations, court proceedings and legal decision-making are conducted professionally and unbiased. The desire to promote a psychologically safe environment for everyone in the legal process forms the fuel to RED.’s work. To prevent miscarriage of justice and to advance rehabilitation of both victims and suspects.

Based on the belief that everyone deserves safety – physical, psychological and social – RED. works to increase that safety. For everyone: from citizens to ministers, from individuals to multinationals and government, from children to the elderly and from victims to perpetrators. RED. strives to make your world a safer place.

As an NRGD-registered legal psychologist, you can hire RED. as an expert witness for legal psychological issues in court cases. In addition, she offers research, consultancy and coaching in the field of investigative interviewing and forensic behavior analysis.



Practice-driven scientific research into psychological safety, ethics and information gathering in the investigative interview with suspects, witnesses and victims.

Expert Witness

With regard to the reliability of statements, lie detection and the psychology of evidence, RED. supports judges, lawyers and public prosecution officers as NRGD-registered expert witnesses in court.

Detective consulting

RED. Advises the legal profession, the Public Prosecution Service and the police with regard to gathering evidence in criminal cases, investigative interviewing and legal psychology.

The woman behind RED.

Joyce van der Mark, LLM MSc

Legal Psychologist | Criminologist

Mrs. Van der Mark LLM. MSc. founded RED. to create value as researcher, expert-witness in court, trainer and advisor. As a researcher, she is specialized in the investigative interview. Mrs. Van der Mark is registered as an expert on the reliability of statements in the Dutch Register of Judicial Experts (NRGD). She is also a certified interviewer & interview trainer on interviewing children and vulnerable persons for the Centre for Investigative Interviewing and member of the AP-LS, EAPL and iIIRG

Before she founded RED., Van der Mark has worked for the police, justice and political administration in the Netherlands and on Bonaire for 10 years. Here she gained the necessary knowledge and experience with regard to (policy) research, strategic (policy) advice at staff level, political-administrative advice and decision-making at management level.

Van der Mark studied Criminology (2006-2010) at the Free University in Amsterdam. She also graduated cum laude for the master’s programs in Forensics, Criminology & Law (2010) and Psychology & Law (2014-2015), both at Maastricht University. In 2015 she took part in the competitive cold case program of the Law Faculty of the University of Maastricht.










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